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As premier educators in San Diego, we implement academic and
activity-based Mandarin curriculum to enhance students’
proficiency of Mandarin (Chinese) as a foreign language. The All
About Mandarin Academy(AAMA) offers comprehensive and fun
Mandarin classes to students of all ages. Our Chinese programs
are at multiple locations, including private and public schools.
Register for our Summer Camp at
Sorrento Valley site, La Jolla site and
EUSD School District!
AAMA 2016-2017 School Year is Now
Enrolling! Sign up by 7/31/2016 for Early
Bird Discount!
AAMA just released "Crazy Monkey
Learn Chinese" game apps. Search for
"AAMA Chinese 1", "AAMA Chinese 2".
"AAMA Chinese 3" and "AAMA Chinese
4" (iPad users only).