Mandarin(Chinese) Program Introduction
普 通 话 课 程 介绍

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San Diego, CA 92121
Chinese show- Three Little Pigs!
Drama Play in Chinese -"I'm the BIG Wolf!"
Drama Play in Chinese-"I'm wolf too!"
Can you say  "I'm hungry!" in Chinese?
45 minutes immersion program - learn Vocabularies in Chinese of the real life, exposed to the Chinese characters
weeks as one session. Each session has its own theme/Topic. Space is limited with small class sizes.
Good "students"- they are only 1-3 years old!
The programs are playful and easy to learn and retain Mandarin. The diversified and interactive activities engage
games,making handcrafts and much more. At this program,we'll emphasize on speaking Mandarin with correct
characters in a fun-filled environment.

The programs includes "Fun Chinese" 60-min class, "Play'n Learn" 2-hrs class and "Bee Chinese" half day
Drama Plays in Chinese
Mandarin Chinese at home). This program gives children the opportunity to rapidly expand the knowledge of
written and spoken Mandarin in rich immersion environment. This program is well connected with other subjects
"Bee Chinese" Half-Day Program for Preschoolers
Half-day Program- "Really fun in learning Pinyin"
No school today? Short day at school today? Join the Chinese Camps!

Summer Camps and One-day Mandarin Camps available!
Playing and Learning
curriculum to fit your needs. Group class for Only $9.99/hr!  Private classes are available too!
" I can answer the phone in Chinese:)"
Mandarin(Chinese) Bilingual Program (for Children Age 5+)
Mandarin(Chinese) Intensive Program (for Children Age 5+)
Mandarin (Chinese) Camps (For Age 3+)
Connections, Comparisons and Communities) for Chinese (Mandarin) Language learning. Also our experienced
instructors use diverse activities to encourage Children's interests. We play immersion games, sing songs to learn
Chinese Vocabulary, dress up while learning cultures do drama plays to practice speaking Chinese in the public!
The study also showed that baby exposed to Mandarin audio and DVD recording performed similarly to babies who
had no Mandarin exposure at all; In the other words, in-person interactions were key (Kuhl,Tsao,&Lui,2003)