Mandarin(Chinese) Program Introduction
普 通 话 课 程 介绍

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Drama Play in Chinese -"I'm the BIG Wolf!"
Drama Plays in Chinese
This program is mainly designed for students who have already had familial experience with Chinese. It
gives students the opportunity to rapidly expand their knowledge of written and spoken Chinese language in
a rich immersion environment.
We are making dumplings!
Playing and Learning
Sing in Chinese gala!
Chinese Lantern on Halolween
Mandarin(Chinese) Bilingual Program (for Children Age 5+)
Mandarin(Chinese) Intensive Program (for Children Age 5+)
The program includes six levels for elementary school students, three levels for middle school students, and
three for high school students. Curricula is designed to help children build a solid foundation to reach the
Five Standards (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities) for Chinese
Language Learning.
"My First Words" (45 minutes immersion program for Toddlers Age 1-3, one Adult required)
Toddlers will be immersed with practical Chinese vocabulary, exposed to Chinese characters shown on
funny pictures and sing popular tunes with Chinese lyrics in this carefully designed class. Meanwhile, group
learning helps develop their social skills. Moreover, spending time with your toddler will enhance the
emotional bond between parents and Child.
"Play'n Learn" (Children Age 3-5)
This program is designed for children of 3-5 yrs old. The diversified and interactive activities engage
children’s interests. We sing popular nursery songs in Chinese to learn Vocabulary! We have immersion
time for playing games, making handcrafts to learn Chinese characters and much more!
"Bee Chinese" (Children Age 3-5 and 5+)
The curriculum of this program is not only designed for listening, speaking, reading and writing practice, but
is also well connected with other subjects, culture and literature!
"Play at Home"
The program allows the children to enjoy various games in a Mandarin Chinese language environment.
Teachers will come to your house, thus you can avoid all the traffic and save much time!
Mandarin "Imported" Chinese Program (for Children Age 5+)
The curriculum of this program is designed for native speaker students. This program teaches students by
using the same materials that students in China currently use. Our students can therefore experience a
Private Tutoring
We customize the lesson plans for your child by providing private
tutoring on our sites.
Too busy to drive your Children to our class sites? Don’t worry! We
can provide private Chinese class at your home! Curricula of this
program are carefully designed to fit your Children’s language
learning needs.
Adult Program
You are never too old to learn a new language! Experienced
Chinese instructors will guide you through the beautiful and attractive
Mandarin world in this program.
Summer Camps
Other Camps
Join us for our fun Chinese Summer Camps! Every week a different
theme will be presented for the camp. Have fun while learning more
Mandarin and Chinese culture. Let’s play and sing the summer away!
Spring, Fall and Winter Camps are all available. No school today?
Short day at school today? We even have one-day Mandarin Camps!
Our Featured Programs
Other Programs
Chinese Kung Fu!
Rreally Fun in Learning Pinyin!
Good "students"- They are only 1-3 years old!
Fun Summer Camp!