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  • As premier educators in San Diego, our company was
    founded in 2008,with over 10 years of experience, the
    company has earned a reputation as a high quality reliable
    heritage school.
  • AAMA is fully accredited heritage schools by California
    Department of Education.
  • We implement academic and activity-based Mandarin
    curriculum to enhance students’ proficiency of Mandarin
    (Chinese) as a foreign language.
  • All About Mandarin(AAMA) offers comprehensive and fun
    Mandarin classes and program all over the year,including in-
    school program; after school program; Summer Camp;Winter
    Camp,Etc. We also offer different size of classes, all ages are
  • We are proudly partner with other amazing local school,
    including private schools and public schools, therefore, there
    are more school sites options for you to choose (for more
    information please check our school site page).
  • We developed several textbooks and workbooks for student
    from all levels.
  • Welcome Chinese students from china to join our
    2020 Summer Camp exchange Program